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autumn watercolor leaves iphone case

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autumn watercolor leaves iphone case

autumn watercolor leaves iphone case

There's been a lot written about the fact that you and the previous CEO, Randall Kruep, didn't get along. Is there anything to this? I tried very hard to get along with Randall. That was basically rejected out of hand. I had nothing to do with him leaving. I did not want him to leave. It was actually sad to see that happen. Why did you leave Procket? I thought that you were instrumental in getting Roland Acra, the new CEO, to come on board. Once he got into the company, he wasn't interested in having my help. That was unfortunate.

Your reputation is that you are a difficult person to work with, Some people have called you a "hothead." Well, I am a perfectionist, and I certainly have a temper, Sometimes that temper is not well served, and I guess I have the ability to irritate people, If people are not willing to have a rational discussion with me, then things get very, very difficult, I am always pushing to help the company succeed, but some people feel their egos need to be served, You are considered one of the leading engineers in the routing community, Venture capitalists will pour millions of dollars into a start-up just because you're involved.Why do you think you are viewed as such a rock star? First of all, I am not a rock star, A lot of this publicity has been internally generated, I have had no control over it, autumn watercolor leaves iphone case and I certainly do not deserve it, I am an engineer, My first goal is not to sell product, it's to make the customer happy, And I do strange things, like tell the truth, which customers appreciate but sometimes the company does not..

Now that you're done with Procket, what are you working on? I am doing stuff on the side, but it is not of relevance to this conversation. Do you think you will join another start-up? Quite possibly; I would much rather be in a start-up than a large company. My style is much more about getting things done, and I prefer the freedom rather than the many layers of process that are usually necessary in a big company. I don't have anything particular in mind right now, but I am keeping my eyes open. What are customers looking for now in a core IP router? The question is really who is going to have sufficient technology as the Internet continues to grow.Customers need a system that they can install and have operational in their networks for five to 10 years. That means you need an architecture that is going to be able to sustain Internet growth rates for 10 years without changing the basic infrastructure.

What do you think about Cisco's new core router, the CRS-1, which was just introduced last month? The company boasts it can scale to 92 terabits per second, They missed the mark, Although it's significantly bigger than I had originally thought, it should still be an order of magnitude larger.Customers that have vision and understand the growth of the Internet will probably be disappointed with this product, Right now the market is served by two vendors: Cisco and Juniper, Is there room for a third player? Certainly, If you take a look at the traditional telecom market, we have always seen a number of players, The question is really autumn watercolor leaves iphone case who is going to have sufficient technology as the Internet continues to grow..

What's the next big trend in IP routing?As the Internet grows, we'll see some very interesting things in the optical plane. I'm not talking about optical routing so much as optical traffic engineering. We've discovered that some traffic engineering methods for IP translate directly into the optical layer. This would allow carriers to deploy and provision optical circuitry at a very rapid rate to reflect changes in traffic demand. Would this save carriers money? It should make it cheaper to operate their networks, and it could provide a business advantage over competitors. Right now, if a customer wants an OC-48 circuit, he has to wait almost six months for it to be provisioned. Time is money, and if the carrier could get that OC-48 (a 2.5-gigabit-per-second optical connection) up in an hour, that might be a business advantage.



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