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christopher walken - replaceface iphone case

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christopher walken - replaceface iphone case

christopher walken - replaceface iphone case

The first version of the CRS-1 will not use any Procket technology, Volpi said. But it could be used in future product releases. Some suspect the Procket technology will be used to build a scaled-down version of the CRS-1. Juniper took this strategy with the T-series by introducing the T-320. Avici Systems, which produces another scalable core router, has also introduced smaller versions of its products. "The CRS is good for what it is," said Stephen Kamman, an analyst with CIBC World Markets. "But it's not a great platform to scale down to a smaller form factor. This is where Cisco will likely get a volume of sales.".

If what Cisco claims is true, that there isn't an immediate need for the Procket technology, Cisco will spend roughly $685,000 per engineer, The success of the acquisition will be judged by how well the company christopher walken - replaceface iphone case will be able to keep the team together, Though he would not provide details, Volpi said the engineers had noncompete clauses in their contracts for an unspecified amount of time and were being offered retention bonus packages that will include a mix of cash and Cisco stock, Procket's CEO Roland Acra, who left Cisco for the Procket job just six months ago, said the Cisco acquisition is a good deal for most of the employees..

"The real sad outcome would have been if the company went belly up," he said. "There is no appetite right now in the VC community for funding another core routing start-up. And I don't think there will be one for at least a decade. Cisco has a similar culture to Procket, and it gives people who are passionate about technology a place where they can contribute.". Questions arise over Cisco's routing strategy as it bags start-up Procket Networks for $89 million in cash. Since 1999, venture capitalists had poured more than $300 million into Procket. In 2000, the start-up was one of the most highly valued companies in Silicon Valley. But as of Thursday, when the Cisco deal was announced, Procket had been in financial trouble for some time and had been rumored to be up for sale. Last week, Procket put itself on the block. For Cisco to get such a good price for Procket's technology and be able to keep it out of the hands of competitors is likely well worth the cash spent, say many analysts.

But Procket, which makes routers that directly christopher walken - replaceface iphone case compete against Cisco's own product line, is an unusual acquisition target for the company, Though Cisco was an early investor in the company, executives there have said publicly on several occasions that Cisco does not buy companies with competing technologies, Cisco also has a long-standing policy of not buying rivals just to keep the technology out of other competitors' hands, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. Li left Juniper in 1999 just before the company's lucrative initial public offering. He then helped found another routing start-up, Procket Networks, where he served as the chief scientist. After a tumultuous five-year stint at Procket, earlier this year. Cisco and Juniper flourished during--and after Li's--tenure. Procket, which raised over $300 million in funding, will be bought by Cisco for $89 million, the companies said Thursday.



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