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ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray

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ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray

ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray

ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray

Back in 1999 and 2000, these switches were viewed as critical elements in the e-commerce infrastructure. Cisco and Nortel each spent billions of dollars to acquire the technology from start-ups. In May 2000, Cisco bought Arrowpoint Communications in a deal valued at about $5.6 billion. In July of the same year, Nortel bought Alteon WebSystems for $7.8 billion. Research firm IDC predicted an explosion in the market for data center switches, with revenue jumping from $203 million in 1999 to $4 billion by 2004. After the tech craze died, many large companies and Web hosting businesses consolidated their data centers and drastically cut spending, slowing the pace of revenue growth for data center switches. According to Infonetics Research, the market was $511 million in 2003 and is expected to grow to only $594 million by 2007.

That small amount of growth will likely come from products touting new security features, according to Neil Osipuk, a directing analyst at Infonetics, F5 Networks, Nortel and Radware have formed partnerships with well-known security companies to offer firewall, antivirus and intrusion-prevention features, F5 has even acquired a start-up as it looks to offer virtual private networks using SSL encryption, "The reason we have gone into security is because it's what our customers have demanded," ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray said Michael Rothchild, senior manager of product management at Radware, "While many companies have cut IT spending overall, they haven't cut spending on security."..

All of these companies, including Foundry, have also added features to protect against denial-of-service attacks. With its new products, Foundry has also become the latest company to offer SSL encryption and decryption. By offloading this function to switches, servers are able to focus on delivering Web pages and processing transactions. Data center switches can also be used to identify spam traffic and redirect it to special servers, leaving the mail server unhampered as it handles legitimate messages.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, News.contextWhat's new:GPS chip designer SiRF Technology is poised for an initial public offering, one of a ngp pure case for apple iphone 7 - gray number of signs that the GPS market is picking up, Bottom line: GPS technology itself is hardly new, But the market is heating up in response to technological advances, consumer interest and government mandates for emergency services, More stories on this topic, Investors in SiRF include Dell, Nokia, Intel, Matsushita and MiC, an NTT DoCoMo affiliate..

Meanwhile, chip designer Qualcomm is providing its GPS One technology to 15 carriers worldwide and around 20 handset manufacturers. Approximately 120 cell phone models contain Qualcomm-based GPS units. Along with providing chips, Qualcomm sells server software for improving GPS speed and accuracy. "Now that we've got the technology in the marketplace, we are focusing on developers coming up with different applications," said Steve Brown, vice president for Qualcomm's Internet services division. The recent surge in GPS, at least in the United States, can be largely traced to the Federal Communications Commission's E911 mandate. Under E911, cellular carriers must ensure that, by the end of 2005, 95 percent of the phones on their networks can be located by rescue workers when people dial 911.



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