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Paper Mojo | USA
Paper Mojo is an online decorative and handmade paper retailer located outside Philadelphia (PA). Paper Mojo has a wonderful selection of handmade papers from around the world. The paper is imported from India,Nepal, Thailand, Japan, France, Italy. New papers are added every month. They have the most comprehensive and wonderful selection of handmade papers for journaling, wrapping, and decoration.

Mulberry Paper and More | USA is a source for wonderful papers. Take a peek at their other specialty papers including Mulberry paper, Banana Paper, Hand Made Marbled Paper, Mango Paper, Nepalese Lokta Paper, Japanese Washi Paper and many more. Contemplate the possibilities with mulberry paper die-cuts and color-coordinated paper packs to accent your paper craft and art projects.

Kami no Ondo | JAPAN
Kami No Ondo has over 7,000 kinds of handmade paper collected from all over the country and abroad have been stored there. Located in Nagoya (Japan), their mission is to be a house of love for handmade paper, to be a house of creation with handmade paper, and to be a house of storing handmade paper. They want you to come and feel the warmth of handmade paper. This is why they have named their house "Kami no Ondo (Warmth-of-the-Paper House)."

Wild Paper | UK
Wild Paper was set up in 2005. They initially concentrated on handmade greeting cards using Teresinha’s own hand-made paper and textiles dyed with natural dyes but subsequently branched out into handmade lokta paper from Nepal in the Himalayas to cater for a large demand for handmade paper. Now they also sell beautiful hand made marbled paper.

Maison Carton | FRANCE
Maison Carton was founded in 2009. Step by step, the enterprise has evolved and has introduced more and more products and brands at competitive prices. Today more than 1500 products are presented on the website. Several categories of the site are dedicated to the universe of papers: Skivertex ®, imitation leather papers, Nepalese papers, Fantasy papers, Japanese papers and Marbled papers.

Cavallini Papers & Co., Inc. | USA
Cavallini Papers & Co., Inc., an importer and producer of fine Italian stationery, paper products, and more. Here you can find journals with our hand marbleized edges (Roma Lussa).

Papuro Leather Journals | UK
Papuro is an Italian manufacturer of quality leather journals, sketchbooks, visitors books and more which are distributed from the UK. Every product is handmade from fine quality Italian leather to provide beautiful and durable leather products which will bring you writing pleasure for years to come. Here you can also find journals with our marbled edge (Torcello and Roma).

Florentine Collections | USA
Welcome to the Florentine Collection, Handmade Notepads, Journals & Items made in California. The high quality books and accessories that make up the Florentine Collection are tasteful and handcrafted, perfect for discerning customers who enjoy useful, creative and sophisticated items. Here you can also find leather journal with marbled edge and many notebooks made with our marbled papers.

LandOfMarbles | USA
Marbles seller, antique, collectible, contemporary art glass. A top collector resource.



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