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You may have seen the elegant Florentine Marbled paper in our catalogue. Now find out more about the person behind these artisan papers. She is the talented second generation Florentine marble artist, Laura Berretti.

Laura’s techniques are grounded in a tradition dating back hundreds of years; and each sheet is an original and unique work of art.

Marbled papers, produced as in the 16th century, were created by Laura for the fly leaves for what was billed as the most expensive book in the world, "Michelangelo: La Dotta Mano" ("Michelangelo: The Learned Hand")

published by the fine art publishing house, FMR - ART'E'. A copy is currently shown at the New York Public Library.

Another FMR masterwork,"Deus Caritas Est" used Laura’s marbled sheet for the guard leaves of  this historical book which a copy was donated to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

Laura's collaboration was also needed for the production of another precious artistic book,"Antonio Canova - L'innovazione della Bellezza" ("Antonio Canova - The Invention of Beauty"). An artistic masterpiece produced in limited edition donated to the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and to the other Heads of States during the G8 summit in L'Aquila, July 2009.



download the pdf - "Metropoli" - Interview - January 21st. 2011. (the file is in Italian)

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  • - In the project "La civiltà della Bellezza", La Repubblica presents the "BOOK WORKSHOP". A project by FMR Art which consists of producing completely hand made refined volumes thanks to a network of forty handycraft specialists sparsed in the whole italian territory. ...Who are these craftsmen and how they work...

    download the pdf file - "La repubblica" - "Officina del Libro" 30 Novembre 2008. (the file is in Italian)

    - "MICHELANGELO: LA DOTTA MANO" ("Michelangelo: The Learned Hand") Considered as the most beautiful and most expensive book in the world arrived at the New York Public Library - December 2008.

  • The New York Times - A Book Made for 100,000 Euros (Includes Labor)
  • The New York Times - Michelangelo for Readers With Deep Pockets
  • Los Angeles Times - The learned (and pricey) hand of Michelangelo
  • The Seattle Times - 62-pound, marble-bound $100.000 "Michelangelo" book on display
  • - "MICHELANGELO.LA DOTTA MANO" ("Michelangelo: The Learned Hand") donated to La Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

    download the pdf file - L’uovrage "« MICHELANGELO. LA DOTTA MANO » s'apprête à entrer à la Bibliothèque Nationale de France" 28 Aprile 2009. (the file is in French)

    - "DEUS CARITAS EST" - The FMR Foundation-Marilena Ferrari asked her collaborators, the best craftsmen with no other world class competitors in that italian "know how", to "do" their bests. She convened calligraphers, bookbinders, goldsmiths, illuminators and paper craftmen: asking the maximum in each field. This was the efford needed centuries ago to produce a book. Books ware rare, objects for an elite, jealously secured, they were an investment and a capital.

    download the pdf file - "Bologna sette" - "Il Trionfo della Bellezza" June 21th 2009. (the file is in Italian)

    - ITALIANA begins here: with a journey through the bookwonderful entitled “ANTONIO CANOVA. L’INVENZIONE DELLA BELLEZZA” ("Antonio Canova - The Invention of Beauty"), created by the fine art publishing house Marilena Ferrari-FMR.

    download the pdf file - "ITALIANA - "Antonio Canova L’invenzione della bellezza" "Antonio Canova - The Invention of Beauty"

    (the file is in Italian & English - Laura Berretti - pages 39, 40, 41, 42-43)

    - "ANTONIO CANOVA.L'INNOVAZIONE DELLA BELLEZZA" - A precious art book on Canova donated by Silvio Berlusconi to the Heads of States during the G8 summit of l'Aquila.

    download the pdf file - "Il Resto del Carlino" - "Un prezioso libro d'arte dono di Berlusconi per i Capi di Stato" Luglio 2009." (the file is in Italian)

    - The Artwork "ANTONIO CANOVA.L'INNOVAZIONE DELLA BELLEZZA" was donated to the Biblioteca Nacional de España.

    scarica il file pdf - "Giornale Italiano de España N.31 2009 - Antonio Canova L’invenzione della bellezza." (the file is in Italian)



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